Uptothesky.com is a free online personal information management system. It has cloud based diary, to do list, address book, quick notes. It is online so that you can access your information from anywhere in the world. We are working to add new features and improve the existing services.

Team Members

Kazi - Founder and Lead Developer

Founder and lead developer of uptothesky.com and Founding Director of DX IT Limited. He graduated with a BSc Hons in Computing and Information Systems from London Metropolitan University and completed MBA from London School of Commerce. He created uptothesky.com 14 years ago. Developing uptothesky is not only his profession but also his hobby. You can contact him through the contact us page.

Shamsia - Developer

She graduated with a BSc hons in Computing and Information Technology and completed her Master's degree in Data warehousing and Data mining from Greenwich University. Besides her teaching job at a college in London she works as a part time developer for uptothesky.

DX IT Ltd. is a web design and software development company based in London. It provides Software services, Web design and IT supports. It has a very good reputation among its clients. It provides its services with a very competitive price. It is the parent company of uptothesky.com.
Website: dxit.co.uk

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