Up to the sky brings you a well-organized way to keep track and manage of your expenses efficiently. It is a good practice to keep accurate information about your expenses so you can manage your money properly. See monthly and yearly report of your expenses or choose any two specific days to see the detail expenses between that period.

Easy to use Expense Management System:

This expense management system is very easy to use. The learning time is only few minutes, within few minutes of exploring of the expense system you will be familiar of how it works.

Keep accurate information:

Keep accurate information of your expenses. See month wise report of your expenses accurately.

Categorized expenses:

Categorized expense is suitable to view your expenses in different categories. You will be able to generate a detailed report of your expenses in different categories.

Does not need any installation:

This is an online expense management system so it does not need any installation or setup. If you have a browser and internet connection you can use this to do list from anywhere.

Safe and protected:

In any PC failures or accidents such as if somehow your hard disc crashed or in any case you need to format your computer in these every cases you be assured that your expenses data will stay fine and accessible.