When you find a good website you try to remember its url or you write somewhere so that you can get back to the website later. But in many cases you forget what the url was, or just cannot find out the website again. Up to the sky brings you the perfect solutions. Now you can easily bookmark all your favourite websites in one place which is accessible from anywhere and anytime. This website bookmarking solutions has many excellent features. Put the url into the box and click on add url, the website will be stored in your favourite section with full page title, description and with an image of the website. So you can easily identify which website you are looking for.

Organize your favourite sites in folders or categories:

Create folders or categories for various sites and keep the links inside that folders or categories. So it is easy now to find out your favourite sites. You can move the sites between categories or folders by selecting the destination folder.

Easily manageable bookmarking:

The bookmark is very easy to manage. You can create or delete bookmarks very quickly and bookmarks are movable to one category to others.

Visual representations:

you will see a snapshot of the website of your favourite sites. When you add a new url uptothesky creates a snapshot of the website. This screenshot of the website is very helpful to find out the website from a large list.

Bookmark tree:

Folders or categories are displayed as a tree so you can create as many subfolders or subcategories as you want. There is no limit of the number of subcategories.

Unlimited website bookmarking:

There is no limit how many websites you can bookmark here. Store as many websites as you want. The well organized bookmarking system will help to you find out links very quickly and easily.

Our favourite websites are now one click away:

Only a single click can take you to your desired websites. As this bookmarking system is online so you can access it from anywhere and from any computers.

Password protected bookmarking:

The website is password protected. Favourite sites are under password so nobody without you can see which websites are in your bookmark. Privacy is fully protected.

Does not need any installation:

This is an online site management system so it does not need any installation or setup. If you have a browser and internet connection you can access your favorite website list from anywhere.

Safe and protected:

In any PC failures or accidents such as if somehow your hard disc crashed or in any case you need to format your computer in these every cases you be assured that your expenses data will stay fine and accessible.