Up to the sky to do list is a part of complete free personal information system program which you can use as long as you want for absolutely free. This free journal and online diary program has many features and we are updating diary software and website frequently, so start using your diary, write your diaries and journals and you will get and utilize many new wonderful features which will be added day by day. So keep an eye on our website to see what new features are adding. We believe you will enjoy this free diary. We are working on mobile diary version which will give you a great opportunity to use your diaries from mobile phone. This is an easy to use diary, multi-user diary, portable diary, 100% secured and private diary, manifold diaries, easy to setup, safe and protected. And yes, this diary is FULLY FREE FOR YOUR LIFE TIME.

Easy to use to do list:

Very easy to use this to do list. The learning time is only few minutes, that means within few minutes of exploring of the to do list you will be familiar of how it works.

Category or status wise view of to do list:

Your task list can be viewed in different categories or status with few clicks. On the left side pane you will find the available views of task list, just click any one category to refine the to do list according to that task view.

Sort able to do list:

By clicking on the headers all the columns can be sorted by ascending order or descending order. You can sort the task list by Project, Task, Assigned To, Start date, End date or status.


Available priority settings of todolist are Low, Medium and High. The different priority levels will be shown by different colours. By clicking on the header of priority column you can sort the task priority by ascending order or descending order.


Mark to do list by the status flags as not started, in progress, suspended, completed and cancelled. You can view to do list by different status, click on the left pane category items to separate task list with different status.

Does not need any installation:

This is an online to do list so it does not need any installation or setup. If you have a browser and internet connection you can use this to do list from anywhere.

Safe and protected to do list:

In any PC failures or accidents such as if somehow your hard disc crashed or in any case you need to format your computer in these every cases you be assured that your to do list will stay fine and accessible.